Wed Feb 13 2019

Resolving Error Code 300

Troubleshooting tips for resolving an error code 300 *scanner error" 1. Reboot the Machine 2. Check for red light in the port. If no red light, check scanner connection and cables. 3. Clean scan label and plastic above it. 4. Take a picture in service mode of a bar code image. To do this: Wrench> Service > 423213 >Diagnostics > Bar Code Image. 5. Perform a scanner calibration, even if there is no indication that one is required. 6. Check to make sure ambient light intensity in the area is not too bright (very uncommon)

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Tue Feb 19 2019Reply from Stan Skaggs
Stan Skaggs

I had this issue on mine after a software upgrade.  The software had to be lowered to resolve a faulty software load.  I am not sure if it was the version was messed up or the copy I had was bad,,, I think it was the version was faulty though..

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Sun Aug 18 2019Reply from nguyen van tuan
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Hi .

 You remember that when the calibration was successful, power off and not exit on the touch screen window. USE WIHT LIGASURE DOT.

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