Thu Feb 21 2019

error code

hey guys, i got a error code 97 on the at motherboard and in the manual it says "97 Any init before C800 optional ROM control is over". do any one know what that means? thanks

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Thu Feb 21 2019Reply from C12Guy

THe BIOS is corrupted. You may need a new SRAM card, if you can get it to boot fully, pull the card with the system running, check the bios battery voltage, should be greater than 3.0 VDC, if lower replace the battery and reinsert before shutting the system down. Removing the battery will lose all bios settings, however if you replace it and reinsert before shutting down the files will reload onto the SRAM. The Technique Processor PCB is responsible for initializing and controlling the 9600 C-Arm.  Application software for the system resides on the SRAM card located in the on-board solid state disk drive U13. 

Started Execution of Option ROM Code
1. Bad Option PROM 2. Bad Communication PCB 3. AT Motherboard not functioning 

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Thu Feb 21 2019Reply from Medical Tech
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okay, thanks alot. appericate it.  that'll help me

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