Wed Apr 03 2019

Rubber keys stack-up

Hi everyone! I would just like to ask if anyone knows what causes rubber key stack-up in all ultrasound machines that uses this type on their ultrasound units? majority of the clients that I encounter is that when they press a certain key in the keyboard panel, it gets stuck and does not bounce back. i know that their machine is already old but I don't know what can be the cause of this problem. Can anyone enlighten me about this problem? Thank you for anyone who will provide an answer...

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Wed Apr 03 2019Reply from Biomed23
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Additional information about this problem is that I already cleaned the rubber keys for gel residue and the surrounding case for this parts but when I test pressing the same button, there seems to be no change in the problem....

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Thu Apr 04 2019Reply from MedWrenchManager

I know this is a general ultrasound question but what system are you working on?

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Thu Apr 04 2019Reply from Biomed23
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Hi kaylee,

This is a mindray DC-3 unit

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Sun Apr 07 2019Reply from Ultrasound007
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Yes, this is a common issue with most ultrasound systems in the market today.

Not all issues that seem to be like this are in fact the rubber membrane. Some are the actual switch components under the rubber membrane. These causes are generally system specific, as in generally all IU22/ie33 systems have a metal "button" that fails due to wear over time. Other units have issues with their rubber membrane. The Sequoia ultrasound system is the one that have serious issues with the rubber membrane. Your Mindray seems to be in that category.

In regards to rubber membranes, these are obviously a custom piece and therefore tend to be much more expensive than one might imagine. Often you are left with just getting a whole user interface.

So, why do they fail, I'm not 100% sure but here are a few thoughts.

1. Wear and tear. Not rocket science here, no secret that ultrasound systems are highly used and the user interfaces do wear out. Sonographers move very rapidly when they scan and it is generally the same few buttons that get all the punishment.

2. Cleaners and Disinfectants will cause many of these rubber membranes to fail sooner than they would if those cleaners had not been used. However, the systems must be cleaned and disinfected so you are kind of between a rock and a hard place here. Be sure that the cleaner and/or disinfectant is approved by the manufacturer.

3. They are not made to stand the number of click over the long haul. If any manufacturer wanted to they could design a user interface that would not wear out. That would add lots of dollars to the unit cost and therefore the manufacturers don't do that. In general, however user interfaces are more robust today than they were 15 years ago, so we are headed in the right direction.

Hope that answers your question!

Hobie Sears

Trisonics, Inc.

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Tue May 07 2019Reply from kcbong
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Mindray DC-3 Control Panel not recognizes by system- I have a Mindray DC-3 which able to boot normally but the keyboard and trackball does not work even all buttons are illuminated. i had change the I/O Interface board but remain the same problem. Anyone has a tip for me? 

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Thu May 09 2019Reply from Biomed23
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Try cross validating a good I/O Board unit to your DC-3 to see if the problem is in the I/O board itself...Hope this helps...

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Wed May 29 2019Reply from Biomed23
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Any updates on your DC-3 keyboard problem? I would like to know if the I/O board cros checking solved the problem or not?

Thank you...

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