Fri Aug 02 2019

BVI 3000 Calibration Procedure

Hello, I'm looking for the calibration procedure for the BVI 3000. If a procedure is not available, I am wondering if there is a way to clear the "Calibration Due" message without having to send it in to Verathon for service. Thanks for any help!

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Sun Aug 04 2019Reply from Winter S
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Hi DMartalock,

The manuals are ready to go on MedWrench for you.


and here:

AS for calibration and settings. They are at the front few pages of the operations manual. But, the error codes, if you need them are on page 25 and 29. From this message, I couldn't tell if you needed to just "setup" the machine properly, or if there was a problem with it and you needed the error codes.

As for Verathon's servicing the unit; if the unit is broke somehow, then there are always 4 options:

1. Contact a repairman that specializes in medical equipment. 

2. try to fix it yourself, by buying the parts and fixing the machine.

3. buy a used bladder scanner- This option is sort of new in the world of medical equipment. It was only 5-6 years ago when this became a serious option. The equipment can usually be purchased from one of the many used medical equipment suppliers online. However, there are only a few places to put the sale into an auction format to pick up some really good deals. One is Mazree at

4. the last option is to buy new through the normal supplier. This is last because it is the most expensive. But doable, depending upon your hospital purchasing budget.

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Wed Aug 07 2019Reply from MedWrench Mandy
MedWrench Mandy

You can contact Verathon as well.

Mandy Hernandez | Digital Marketing Coordinator
email me:
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Thu Aug 08 2019Reply from scottshack
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Mon Dec 02 2019Reply from Ivan1982
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I can't find a calibration procedure nd my unit is just a bit out of range on my phatom.  Any suggestions?

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Tue Mar 31 2020Reply from Vernipoupou
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@dmartalock : you need the Master key to access some ''special'' menus. You have to order it + you need the string phantom . You don't have to send the equipement to a repair shop. 

Here is the part no. : 0810-0110

Good luck ! 


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Mon Nov 09 2020Reply from C.E.S. LLC
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Hello Vernipoupou@ dmartalock Do you have a part number or maby a picture of the string phantom? and perhaps the actual calibration procedure? I have the key and the calibration tank. not sure if I need anything additional to this.

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