Thu Aug 08 2019


my machine gives error (background abnormal and WBC clog)


My machine Mindray - BC - 3200 

gives error (background abnormal and WBC clog) I was checked , Maintained ,calibrated ,cleaned all valves and resetted up software all is done. I am asking for your help?

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Thu Aug 29 2019Reply from Ferrit
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1. It need to clean WBC Bath using cleaner (hypochlorite).

2. It need to check volumetric metering board, vacuum value and pressure value.


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Fri Aug 21 2020Reply from portella
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Hi, Joe

Never calibrate a machine with faults. For the Mindray, you only calibrate with the background is good and results are consistent but not correct.

For the problem you had. It count be the valve connects the RBC volumetric tube. Check, clean, and/or replace.

Check the volumetric tube to see if the flow is within count time.


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Wed Sep 02 2020Reply from cliangue
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One of the problems is also usually the fact that your reagents are in poor condition. You know that after changing the reagents you must adjust the dates. I suggest you keep washing the equipment, analyzing tests with hypochlorite or 70% alcohol

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Sun Nov 22 2020Reply from Amir.B
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Or Your WBC chamber of anode or cathode line is open if it is the Problem you can't fix it you just have to replace the chamber or if you have best Biomedical Technician he can manage how to get it work

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