Tue Oct 15 2019

E274 forctraid

When i turn the device on it display E274 host self error so i enter to service ==>diagnostic ==>self test I run self test and the RF generator fails So what can i do to solve this problem?

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Tue Oct 15 2019Reply from Matt D.
Matt D.

Have you contacted Covidien/ Medtronic/Valleylabs Tech support 800-722-8772? They are very helpful.

Matt D.

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Tue Oct 15 2019Reply from Valjak
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Hi, this is from Service Manual:


1. Inspect controller board. Verify that the board is securely seated and fastened. Check the ethernet cable

2. Verify that the ribbon cables and FTSW cable connections are OK

3. Perform complete calibration of the unit

4. If the unit still displays the error, replace the system scanners and calibrate them

5. If this not correct the error, replace the controller board and perform complete calibration


Good luck



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