Fri Nov 01 2019

"Pressure set not fitted" on a Alaris CC pump

Hello, a customer who have bought to us a Cardinal Alaris CC pump needs help to configure it. the pump displays this message: "Pressure set not fitted". I think he just has to configure the unit, but as we are not specialist in Syringe pump, we can't really help there someone who could help him, please? is there anything to do for solving this? thanks a lot for your help, and have a nice day!

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Tue Nov 05 2019Reply from MedWrenchManager

The following companies my be able to help:



IMED Biomedical

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Sun Nov 10 2019Reply from Dany1981
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enter service with 376 251 for reset pump.

ask you problem call me with wrench 

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Fri May 01 2020Reply from GLacsi
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Pressure set not fitted means, a set with pressure sensing disc isn't attached, sets like G30402M or MFX2294.

Also signifies the device bought is on dedicated mode (service access code 301), hence it is asking to insert/use set with pressure sensing disc.

Having a sensing disc the pump will be on variable pressure monitoring of 1mmHg  steps from the scale 1mmHg to 1000mmHg.  

Access codes and use

251 User Configuration Menu

(Drug Library, Bolus setting, Pressure setting but not for Type of set use)
376 Service Access Menu
301 Fully Dedicated (CC only) only dedicated set with pressure sensing disc.
302 Semi-dedicated (CC only) the device can use dedicated or not

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Sat Nov 14 2020Reply from domlaco2
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Sorry, I didn't see your replies, thank you so much for your help, GLacsi and Dany1981, appreciated!

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