Tue Nov 19 2019

Technical manual

Anyone who has the technical manual and software for Kodak Directview DR 7500, Kindly assist me I am installing the machine which was donated and came without a manual.

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Wed Dec 04 2019Reply from Winter S
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Hi Matheka,

I found the sales brochure for you. It is located here:



The technical manual is also located here: 


That one is for the 5x version, instead of the 7500 version that you have. However, sometimes, depending on what is wrong with the device a lower grade manual may work to help you figure out the problem.

And of course, if that doesn't work, then here are some options for you:

1. Contact a repairman that specializes in medical equipment in your local area.

2. try to fix it yourself, by buying the parts and fixing the machine. If it needs parts at all.

3. buy a used machine - This option is sort of new in the world of medical equipment. It was only 5-6 years ago when this became a serious option. The equipment can usually be purchased from one of the many used medical equipment suppliers online. However, there are only a few places to put the sale into an auction format to pick up some really good deals. One is Mazree at https://www.mazree.com/smart-auctions. I have seen these machines come up on the site. I checked.

4. the last option is to buy new through the normal supplier. This is last because it is the most expensive. But doable, depending upon your purchasing budget of  your hospital or clinic. Does that make sense?

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Wed Dec 11 2019Reply from Engr .junaid Ali
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hi have you find KODAK DIRECT VIEW DR 7500 SYSTEM service manual  or not . 

did you install the machine . or not . 

have you experince of this machine .

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