Tue Nov 19 2019

HistoStar embedding center - tissue tank not getting hot enough

If anyone has a service manual, for the HistoStar, to upload, that would be wonderful. The customer says that the tissue storage tank (or perhaps the mold storage oven) is not getting hot enough. The paraffin tank is melted, and it dispenses, so the issue is only with one of the two storage areas (I wasn't clear which of the two they were speaking of). How close in electronic design is this to the HistoCentre 3? Can one get into the service mode in a similar fashion? Does it use the same thermistors, as does the Histocentre 3, for temperature sensors?

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Thu Nov 21 2019Reply from MedWrench Mandy
MedWrench Mandy

Available documents can be found here.

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