Thu Dec 05 2019

error code 10 boxes

hey guys, when the c-arm of oec 9600 boots up, it stops at 10 boxes. in the manual it says" EEPROM checksum verification complete". so, it has to do with the EEPROM. I'm thinking it could be the battery of the SRAM is dead or maybe the software. what do you guys think ? what you think is the issue?any ideas on how to solve the problem?(also, I'm not near the unit right now)

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Thu Dec 05 2019Reply from ceshop
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it is possible the SRAM battery to check with the system turned on yu can unlock the battery access door then remove the battery and check it. If it is very low then try to replace it and reboot the system. normally when the SRAM battery fails you get a checksum failure message. 10 square means the checksum passed and the next test is initialize the keyboard, you might want to check the keyboard connectors

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Sat Dec 07 2019Reply from C12Guy

Get the system hop and running. Don't shut it down. Remove  the SRAM card change out the battery and install the SEAM. Take a few shots. Should reload

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