Mon Feb 10 2020

How to disassemble

Hi i have hill rom total care and am moving how can I disassemble bed from frame to be able to get through a door easier and down some stairs

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Mon Feb 10 2020Reply from MedWrench Mandy
MedWrench Mandy

Please contact Hill-Rom Technical Support for Troubleshooting


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Fri Feb 14 2020Reply from Chris-CBET
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I believe we've been through this recently. It depends on how skilled you are. MEdical devices, including hospital beds are not designed nor built to be easily disassembled and reassembled. 

1st question would be, Are you sure the floor of the room you wish to use this device in, can support the bed? it weighs a lot more than a normal bed. 

2nd question, do you own the bed or is it a rental?

You're going to need a few people to haul this bed through the doorway and up to the room you want it in. 

I can't give you exact instructions on how to do this, just general and am i no way accepting any liablilty for what you do

raise the bed to max height to get access and maximum visibility, unplug from wall. Removed base covers and disconnect batteries if it has any. Engage each function to help drain any power form caps and such.

 label each cable and it's connection before disconnecting

disconnect any cable connecting hte top half to the bottom half.

find a way to support the top half, then disconnect any hardware joining the 2 halves

now you can seperate the 2 halves. This should be enough to get the unit through the doorways.  good luck

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Fri Feb 14 2020Reply from Joel63

This bed has hydraulics for all of the mechanisms, so if you are not familiar with hydraulic systems I would advise against taking apart.

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