Sat Mar 07 2020

Admin Password

I have recently purchased an AGFA cr 15x system with NX software from an individual. I am trying to get the system recertified by Sound but the technician cannot access remotely because I cannot get the system logged on to the internet. I can only login as a user. There are two admin logins but the usual password for CRservice login does not work. The other user name is NxWorkstationAdmin. Anyone know password for this or have suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Wed Mar 11 2020Reply from MedWrench Mandy
MedWrench Mandy

Have you checked the User or Service manual?

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Tue Jun 16 2020Reply from 7cesar83
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I have the same problem, check service manual and I could not find the password. Has anyone helped you? Were you able to get the password? 

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Thu Jun 18 2020Reply from Support
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Probably I can help you. Write me at

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Thu Jun 18 2020Reply from Ben C
Ben C

Although it is your choice to go offline with your discussion, we are sure that other MedWrench users would appreciate it if you kept your discussion within the thread. This will help to keep a permanent record of the issue you are facing and how it was solved to help others in the community that may be facing a similar challenge.  

We appreciate your participation and hope that the MedWrench forums will help you to solve your medical equipment issue.

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Mon Jun 29 2020Reply from Support
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You can reset password for CRservice windows user. Make full HDD backup before any changes. But, if you need to run NX config utility, it usually locked, and unlock password depend on dongle id, dongle type, time of lock, hardware id, lock password and other parameters.

That is why discussion can be helpfull only for certain user and only offline.


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Sat Apr 24 2021Reply from Slobodan.Zivojinovic
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Service passwords are good protected from manufacturers and depends from different conditions, but it is not big problem, first of all make an image of the system, both partitions, then there are different softwares with wich you can delete any operating system password, you can play as much as you want because you have backup. 

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Sun Apr 25 2021Reply from Luis_Med
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I hope all is well. Do you still need help?. We can reinstall the software. If you would like, I can send you instructions. 



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