Thu Apr 02 2020

User manual or technical data specifications

Hi! Does anyone have the user manual or technical data specifications for the following equipment? Thanks! Philips BV Pulsera (first, second and third generation) Philips BV Endura (first, and second generation) Philips BV Libra (first, and second generation) GE OEC 9600 GE OEC 9800 GE OEC 9900 GE OEC 786 GE OEC 850 GE Brightspped (4,8 and 16 slices)

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Fri Apr 03 2020Reply from krkenney88

I have a few of these technical data sheets. Please provide your email and I can send what I have in my possession. I may also have some of the user manuals, as well.

Koby Kenney
MedWrench Guru

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Thu Apr 09 2020Reply from lili96
Sat Nov 21 2020Reply from Zeni
avatar placemark

Please Mrs KrKenney, can you send me an email to?! we have a OEC 98OO GE...and the engeniers of GE has no experience to solve the problem on our arch (just switch the batterie...only this!! The alarm display the mA is low, but is allready 5,0mA...). If you got the service manual and/or the part manual, i'll so tankfull...tanks. (by the way, my name is Rafael, speak from Brasil, Espírito Santo State).

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