Thu Apr 16 2020

Acuson x700 service manual

Hi. i would like to ask a copy of acuson X700 service manual. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day

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Thu Apr 16 2020Reply from MedWrench Mandy
MedWrench Mandy

MedWrench is available to help people with specific questions and troubleshooting problems. Could you please be more specific with the issue that you are having with your instrument, and the MedWrench team will do their best to assist you in solving the issue. This will also help other community members who face similar challenges.

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Thu Apr 16 2020Reply from arpigoku
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I understand. When Acuson starts, it goes on a cycle reboot, about 15-20 min and then it's starts properly. I think that the problem will be in a power supply.I need to check scheme. Please help me by sending the service manual, Thanks a lot

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Thu Apr 16 2020Reply from Jim Carr
Jim Carr


That problem could be caused by the BE board, the hard drive or software corruption, or a power supply. The LEDs 1 to 6 on the AC/ DC power supply should all be off. The AC LED should be solid green except for the first one. LED 7, battery status, should be off, flashing green if the battery is charging or discharging, and solid green when charged. If those LEDs are normal, then you might try reloading software. Make sure you get a Backup of the system settings first. Presets > Service and then blank out the password and click OK to get to the Backup utility. The License data for the clinical options is a critical file to have.

By the way, the X700 may say Acuson on it but it is a Siemens design.

Good luck,

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Sat Apr 18 2020Reply from arpigoku
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1) The hard drive is in excellent conditiion, i check it

2) Software is working fine

3) BE board, what is it, and where it's located?

4) About LED's, they all work like you said in upper answer, green solid light on Stand By & Battery

I thinking about power supply or could be main board (where is CPU & RAM)...

Because when the acuson is cold or starts in a morning, it is starting with a cycle reboot, but if I look behind, where is connection cables....i see below mainboard red's flashing....

so after about 15-20 min, when I think the acuson heats up a little...(maybe power supply or mainboard is getting warmer) then it start's normally and working well

So I think there is maybe 2 problems that I see......

What is your opinion ?

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Fri Aug 14 2020Reply from Raoul
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Hello sir,
I come to you for assistance in repairing a Siemens Accuson X700 ultrasound device. Indeed, the machine stops just a few seconds after starting.
As you can see on the video taken, the stanby LED of the power supply flashes and once the machine turns off another OCP LED lights up and this time it can be restarted only if the power supply is cut for about 1 min. Thank you for your assistance.

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