Tue Jun 30 2020

Service manual for 5052

Anyone have a copy of the service manual for the 5052 washer. I have the ops manual but I need to calibrate the level sensors. Thanks

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Tue Jun 30 2020Reply from Chris35
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In service mode, activate 'open door' in non-service side (display on left of chamber) door menu of I/O Groups menu. Deactivate 'sump drain valve' in filling/draining menu of I/O groups menu. Select which switch you are trying to adjust / verify, Low, High, or Safety then activate the cold water inlet valve and let it fill until the switch is 'made', fill valve should close automatically. Check water level in sump and compare to the lines etched in the side of the chamber near the sump debris screen. The water level should fall between the 2 lines for each level. Adjust level switch dials as needed, increase for more water, decrease for less. The switches are located behind the non-service control access panel. (panel with e-stop and touch screen) Drain and repeat for each level.

Default settings are 3.6 (low) 5.6 (high) and 7.2 (safety)

If you are getting 'Safety level reached' during a cycle, I would check the drying air piston (aka 'baby bottle') or the condenser drain hose. These are the most common causes.

Service manual P764335125 is available for purchase at STERIS.com

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Tue Jun 30 2020Reply from Brad Kitten
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Thanks Chris35

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