Wed Jul 08 2020

I have a problem with Philips - Brilliance 6 - shoots once and stops and in the majority of cases it does not shot.

Hi all, i am a Doctor working in the war zone of Idlib. we dont have any biomedical engineers here to help us, so it is us medics trying to repair devices. Right now we are having problems with one of the only CT scanners we have working here. it is not warming up and the device is giving the following errrors in the log. can anyone help. S_COLLISION_BAD_DTH_PARAM S_DTH_UNKNOWN_USER  - 








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Wed Jul 08 2020Reply from MedWrench Kari
MedWrench Kari

One of these companies may be able to assist:

Richardson Healthcare

RSTI Imaging


TTG Imaging

Kari Thompson | Data Entry Coordinator                     email me:
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Mon Jul 13 2020Reply from FEIJING MEDICAL
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1. Check the external power supply and the power supply voltage in the cabinet. 2. X-RAY bulb heating and preheating abnormalities are mostly related to the filament power supply, the vacuum degree of the bulb, and the filament resistance. 3. The exposure times of the bulb exceed 300,000 seconds. Replace the tube. If you need help, please email me, Mr Ding

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