Fri Jul 31 2020

Vertical movement is abnormal

I started of with a gantry rotation error which led me to changing the rotation servo amp, after changing this the gantry panel greyed out the bed in and out positions and would only go down just below 0 to 005 and not any lower. I did all couch calibrations on gtsa and still that did not fix it Does anyone have an idea of what could cause this issue ?

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4 days agoReply from MedWrench Kari
MedWrench Kari

One of these companies may be able to assist:

Richardson Healthcare 

RSTI Imaging 


TTG Imaging

Kari Thompson | Data Entry Coordinator                     email me:
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4 days agoReply from ADE123
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I would check the KGTSP power board. There are a few relays on that board that can go bad. I've always replaced the board but you can try cleaning the relays. 
Let me know how it goes. 
Best of luck!


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2 days agoReply from Timrack
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I have replaced the GTSA board with a new one, put in a new battery and done all couch calibrations to zero position, however it still seems that it only allows me to go all the way up above the 0 position and when I try to lower it down it jams at 005 and wont go any lower, also the bed horizontal movements are grey out and not possible.

Also the GTSA boots up okay but just wont allow me to go lower beyond the 0 point and no horizontal movements.

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2 days agoReply from ADE123
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Check the couch vertical encoder string and horizontal photodiode sensors. 
But I still recommend checking KGTPs power board. 
And since you replaced the GTS board and the battery make sure the 'Zero Adjustment' was done properly. 

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