Wed Aug 26 2020

Huge increase in the number of problems due to Covid cleaning and a shortage of Cavi-wipes

Hi: We have had the Exergen TAT 5000 temporal Thermometers in our hospital for several years without many problems. We had to send a few back for repairs (say 1 or so per month). Now that the units are cleaning them more often because of Covid, and because they are having troubles sourcing the usual Cavi-wipes that were used to clean these, we are seeing about 15 to 20 per month with problems. Some we can revive, but most we have to ship back. Are others running into similar problems? Also: Our Emergency department wants to go to a non-contact infrared thermometers. Does nay one have a brand they can recommend?

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Thu Aug 27 2020Reply from belvedere

I have not seen this with our TAT-5000s, but have seen the effects of using the wrong disinfectant on other equipment.  Yes, it can cause damage in a very short time.

If you look at non-contact thermometers, just be sure they are designed for clinical use...many are not.

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Thu Aug 27 2020Reply from T-Lobato

Agree.  No increases with our TAT-5000s.  Using the wrong wipes with our bladder scanners tears them up.

TJ Lobato | MedWrench Guru
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