Thu Aug 27 2020

Stuck in BIOS at booting

Hi guys, I am getting an error on the 2nd monitor screen which reads as follows: Initializing......ERROR! Adaptor Malfunctioning! SMPT BIOS Fault 13h encountered at adaptor PCI(03h,05h,00h) Press any key to continue.... So what we did is to connect a PS/ 2 keyboard to the board and was able get in. We've replaced the CPU board but did not fix it. We're looking for a permanent fix and would appreciate any suggestion how to solve this problem. Thank you,

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Thu Aug 27 2020Reply from Arthur


Just a thought but maybe disconnecting the PCI bus items. The Image Processor and the Cine Bridge. Leave the Display Adapter installed. Toggle the silver switch on the Display Adapter PCB and then boot. It should show the boot on the monitor. Also maybe one of the PCI devices are hanging you up?

If you have an email send it to me and I will send you a picture.


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Thu Aug 27 2020Reply from JAlia
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Thanks Art, my email

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Thu Sep 17 2020Reply from Tim.O
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I have exactly the same issue.  Did you ever find a solution?



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Fri Sep 25 2020Reply from JAlia
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Sorry for my late reply, yes it turned out to a defective CINE board.

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