Wed Sep 16 2020

HD11 XE - no sound in the Doppler cardio modes

Hi. The PC CMOS is out of batteries and BIOS go to default setting. The BIOS settings were restored from the archive. The battery was replaced, but there was no sound in the Doppler cardio modes. Reinstalled device drivers from the menu - no effect. Options and\or service password - maybe it will help?

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4 days agoReply from MedWrench Kari
MedWrench Kari

One of these companies may be able to assist you:


Conquest Imaging


Kari Thompson | Data Entry Coordinator                     email me:
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4 days agoReply from atari
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Windows driver problem, I can help.

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2 days agoReply from Serge_Mix
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Hi, atari.

I will be grateful for your help.

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