Wed Sep 16 2020

Knee Board Actuator Drifting Down

Model:  Stryker FL28EX

The knee board actuator moves up and down correctly with both actuation of the Fowler board actuator in sync as well as when individually actuated. However in either case, natural weight of the mattress or patient will slowly push the actuator back down after achieving desired position. Does the actuator need replacing or is this a possible limiting switch problem, capacitor or board issue?

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3 days agoReply from MedWrench Kari
MedWrench Kari

What is the name of the manufacturer and model of the equipment you are working on? 

Kari Thompson | Data Entry Coordinator                     email me:
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3 days agoReply from Caregiver Dad
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Sorry.  I thought I had it in the headline.  I will fix that.  It is a Stryker FL28EX.

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2 days agoReply from Joel63

The actuator is bad and needs replaced. Just had a similar problem. 

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