Thu Jan 14 2021

geometry is restarting: do NOT change SID

Hi, we are a medical charity working in the war zone of Idlib, Syria. Right now, we are having major issues with a Philips Allura Xper FD10 Cath lab. this is in one of our charity hospital. the power board in the m cabinet keeps resetting during procedures and locks all movements of the table and stand. this is the message we are getting: geometry is restarting: do NOT change SID after this, sometimes it starts working again with "limited" movements. but most of the time it totally locks all movements. Please can you help.

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Thu Jan 14 2021Reply from Eng. Eyad maalouf
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Hi there,

The geo will reset for many reasons, one of them is a bad pot in your table.


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3 days agoReply from Jiddi
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Hello, I am not sure if my first response posted or not, anyways, writing again. Yes it could be a POT issue and recalibration will help most of time. If you have access to FSF, you can look at POT values in diagnostics. If not, I would recommend to do elimination process. When you get the system at working condition, try to move individual geo settings and see if an specific movement causes the issue, also look and make sure table and stand are at home positions when movement occurs. Good luck. 

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3 days agoReply from DrSaj121
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Thank you Eng. Eyad maalouf and Jiddi for your response. i feel that the device was not installed correctly for a number of reasons. when the stand is set at zero degrees vertically, it seems to be 5 degrees tilted to the right. is this normal. also there is a movement problems of the stand on the ceiling rails. Could these issues be contributing  to this problem.  

Jiddi, there are many terms you referred to which are totally new to me. sadly we do not have skilled engineers here, so i might need you to explain some of these terms in a bit more details.

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2 days agoReply from Eng. Eyad maalouf
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Hi Dr Saj,
The system might not be installed correctly , however please note that the zeroing on Allura Xper machines is not an actual center of your table or X-ray field , when you press the ISO center button on the geo module it will go the default iso center which is the entry point at your right femoral artery, if you have assigned a new ISO center after reboot then pressing the APC button again will go to your new defined ISO center.

Your system should allow you basic service info from Field Service Framework, you can get to the service menu by pressing Ctrl + Alt + s or Options menu on the top of the screen and then choose start service functions but that wont tell you a lot.

You are also legally eligible to get a level 0 access through Philips under FDA act , which will give you access to what is called AIAT (Assemble, Install , Adjust and Test) , We can help you through that which in turn will give you access to adjust your position and Potentiometer calibrations, as well as view your log files.

Jiddi's elimination method will help you figure out which axis is causing the issue but to resolve it you will need at least a level 0 service access.

There is also a manual way to fix the pots without requiring Service access but we can discuss that over the phone if thats needed.

let me know if you require more help and you can reach me at

Good luck,


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2 days agoReply from Jiddi
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5 degree is way off the tolerance value. It needs to be recalibrated. Like Mr. Iyad said, you need to have level 0 access to Field Service Framwork (FSF) to be able to perform system adjustments (calibration). Also, you can manually adjust the potentiameter (POT) but regardless you need someone with the experience to perform these two corrective actions. 

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