Sat Jan 23 2021

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How to change the Led Bulb of stryker L9000 LED light source

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Mon Jan 25 2021Reply from T-Lobato


As you probably did, I looked over the user and service manuals but did not find anything.  I did not even find the specifications of the bulb.  In my experience, Stryker is very proprietary.  You almost have to send their devices in for any kind of repairs needed.  However, if you have the bulb, you may be able to crack the case and replace it yourself.  Should be pretty standard, unplug the unit, don't touch the bulb, etc.

Hope this helps.

Just me.


TJ Lobato | MedWrench Guru
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Mon Jan 25 2021Reply from EvgenyP
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Hello, Arnel,

I believe, the LED manufacture's info might help you:

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