Wed Feb 10 2021

Smoke evacuator

When using the smoke evacuator can you suction fluid into the filter with the smoke?

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Thu Feb 11 2021Reply from Chris S
Chris S

No, i would not recomend that.  You will contaminate the air filter and tubing.

Official MedWrench Guru
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Mon Feb 15 2021Reply from CSC08043
avatar placemark

You might  consider a plume filter that attaches to a trocar. It uses the suction to pull surgical smoke into the filter, at the same time as the trocar is applying suction.   

the filter is downstream of the fluid, so doesn't get contaminated. We have had great success using them on laparoscopic cases. 


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Mon Feb 15 2021Reply from Mardoug
avatar placemark

to prevent fluid from contaminating the inside of the evacuator, disposable filters are used in the suction air intake and the tubes are disposable, the internal filters of the evacuators have a useful duration time

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