Thu Feb 18 2021

Errors displayed

When powered up, unit displays e-04 and after initial boot it displays e-20 I have a service manual but there is no mention of either code. Any ideas?

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Fri Feb 19 2021Reply from Deanna Wilkinson
Deanna Wilkinson

Is the device cycling for an NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) measurement at all, or do you just immediately get an error and cannot proceed?  The e-20 indicates your NIBP is out of calibration.  Have you tried different hoses and or/cuffs?   You could have an internal hose disconnected or a compressor issue.  I would give Smith's a call.  They're helpful!  

Deanna Wilkinson - MedWrench Guru
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Fri Feb 19 2021Reply from Vlad-KansasCity
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Thanks for the response. On power up I get E-4 consistently, then when measurement button pushed, within 1 sec I get E-20 with no sound from the pump.

I dong get a very good response from Smiths. Most of the time it is : send it in with 4-8 weeks turn around. I was trying to get CO2 modules for Advisor monitor, and after 2 weeks trying to get hold of a sales guy to authorize it, I was told its not for sale, only for internal use.

Thanks again



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Tue Jun 07 2022Reply from farnandez
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Thank you so much by starting this thread you have solved many others people issue which are using the same version of it.

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