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My FM50 is constantly resetting once its completely booted. It isn't the power supply. Thoughts?

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Wed Mar 24 2021Reply from Chris S
Chris S

Do you have access to the Philips support tool?  There is a Scan for Defective Device feature that can sometimes resolve this.  It basically force reloads the software.

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Wed Mar 24 2021Reply from Ray Brown, CBET
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A few questions.. does it go into this loop if all the transducers are disconnected? And if you're observing the screen, do you see any hints of an equipment malfuction INOP? And, if the machine is running, then you plug a transducer in, then does it loop?

If not, as described in the manual, tell us where it loops during the boot-up process. About page 107 in the service manual.

Last but not least, most of the time this is caused by a defective NBP board assembly. You can test this by disconnecting the NBP from the main board and trying the reboot.  The sad thing is that the board and pump must be replaced as an assembly; you cannot just put a new NBP pump assembly from a patient monitor into the system. The board and pump are matched, and replacing the pump only does not revive the system. The problem is that the assembly is pricey, like $900. Ouch.

Good luck!

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