Tue May 04 2021

Tilt Motor Left/Right

The table tilt motor is moving very slow, left or right. I am thinking of the motor problem, I maybe wrong . Please respond if anyone had similar problem on UD-400 procedure table.

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Tue May 04 2021Reply from Ben C
Ben C

What is the name of the manufacturer of the procedure table you are working on? 

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Thu May 06 2021Reply from Rescue Biomed
Rescue Biomed

I would suspect the tilt motor. These are pretty simple tables. If I'm not mistaken, you can switch the motor at the control box(switch tilt for another function). If the tilt is still slow when hooked up to a different function, you can be pretty sure its the motor/actuator.

Paul Olson

Rescue Biomed


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Sun May 09 2021Reply from Biolabteco
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The manufacturer is Morgan Medesign model UD-400, serial no. 22179. 

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