Tue May 18 2021

How to use vascular OEC 9900

Can anyone explain how to operate the 9900 Elite C-arm for vascular use? Or is there a user guide/operator manual available somewhere? GE doesn't appear to want to share the information to the general public. I guess they want people to pay for an entire course. I know to go to "Mode-Subtraction" or something similar, but would like more clear instructions. I'd appreciate any information or links - thanks so much in advance. Debbie

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Wed May 19 2021Reply from Arthur

what is your email? I do not have any operating manuals though


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Wed May 19 2021Reply from C12Guy



Also I searched "GE 9900 Cine" in youtube

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Wed May 19 2021Reply from Deb_B
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Thank you for the video link - I did manage to find her last night! Good overview for sure but I have more questions if anyone wouldn't mind letting me pick their brains! :)



Thank you!

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Sat May 22 2021Reply from Deb_B
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Thank you guys for the help - really appreciate it. I also found the manual on how exactly to operate the c-arm's vascular stuff... 

But I just thought I'd add in here some more details about my situation just in case anyone else had any tips for me: 

Basically, I’m a tech -  I work in an ASC that's only been open about a year. My doc has recently opened an entire OR suite with multiple OR's, as well as several treatment rooms for injections. 

I’ve worked with him forever doing pain cases.. mostly injections, trials, RFA’s, etc, but we also do more invasive things like SCS implants, SIJ Fusions, Microdiscectomies, and other stuff along those lines. 

He's looking to hire on more surgeons - and wants to delve into vascular stuff. But he doesn't want to bring in cardiac or vascular surgeons without us knowing what we're doing (C-arm wise) ... 

I have done vascular studies .. maybe twice in 17 years... but it's been awhile & I don't want to pretend like I know more than I do. So I'm reaching out to everyone I know in real life as well as online - including here - to try and get a feel for what I'm getting myself into.

Specifically, these are the cases he wants to bring in (to start):

  • Pacemaker Placement
  • Arterial Stint placement lower extremity
  • Fistula repair upper extremity

In just my experience, I’ve rarely, if ever seen a surgeon needing subtraction or cine at all.. usually they just want the c-arm over the chest - you might move it up & down the body slightly but nothing more than that. I feel like it’s possible cine could become required if a patient has difficult anatomy or if it’s hard to confirm placement with normal fluoro, but I’ve never personally seen it. 

The arterial stint placement & fistula repair, though - they sound very “IR” to me. What I don’t know is if it’s possible to do things like that in an ASC setting - with a normal c-arm with cine & subtraction software.

If I’m able to figure out exactly how to run the subtraction (et.al) part of the c-arm, is it feasible for me to be able to help a surgeon get this type of thing done? Or am I getting in way over my head?

I’d appreciate any help or feedback! 


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