Tue May 25 2021

Steris V116 S2 failed to engaged.

Hi all, i have a problem with my V116, S2 fail to engaged. i tried manual on/off from the menu but the light behind solenoid remain off. i look at the I/O board, led on D3 is on when i turned on S2 and went off when its off, but there is no 120V on coil. I check connection between coil and PCB behind I/O board and the result is solid. any input are welcome.

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Wed May 26 2021Reply from Bob@montaquip
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Did you call tech service at Steris. They can sometimes be helpful depending on who answers the phone. 

only reason I ask is if you give them serial number they know what build you have. I was assuming there was not a boiler on this unit. 

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Fri May 28 2021Reply from Reliable Sterilizer Services
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Sounds like a fuse on your I/O board, not sure which one, but just go through all of them by doing a continuity test on them.  Like one of the guys said, if your door is not sealed with S35, then S2 will not activate, and that's for safety.  You wouldn't want to have the door open and activate steam to chamber.

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Fri May 28 2021Reply from Cbet_Matt

Is the door pressure switch being made. If s35 activates and the pressure switch isn't tripped S2 will not engage.


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