Sun Jun 13 2021

Toshiba Aquilion 64 error

Hi All when i start the toshiba aquilion 64 ... the error code ..Error in image data disk ( battery ) .code {0x00000014} dev{0x00080000} Pno{8000} please help me and where are the battery location? thank you Be safe

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Sun Jun 13 2021Reply from ADE123
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The Image Data Disk batteries are located in the Reconstruction Unit at the very bottom. First identify which battery needs to be replaced since threre are two of them; one for Scan side and the other one for display. Look down at the very bottom of the IDD unit on the left side of it and you should see a yellow/amber light for the one that needs battery replacement. If it's a good one then all the LED's should be green. Make sure to power down the system first and pull out the IDD unit making sure it doesn't fall down. The batteries are located on the left side of the unit (the right side has the Image Data Disks). The batteries are in the power supply of the unit. 

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