Thu Jun 24 2021

replaced battery and pads, but ! and wrench icon are still showing

So I've got 6 of these units, we replaced battery and pads on all of them(previously expired/discharged), and the icons have not gone away. I'm have zero luck getting Physio Control on the phone today, I've either got a sales person, a "no modules available, click" message or a welcome to stryker canada message. So digging thru the ops manual i see a tiny blurb about how it make take up to 3 days to charge the internal battery. Does anyone have experience with these? Do I really need to just let them sit for 3 days with the new chargepak and I'll be good to go?

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Fri Jun 25 2021Reply from ReNew14
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Yes , it can take 3 days. It just depends how long they sat needing a charge pack. 

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