Thu Jul 01 2021

Need GUI software & instructions for voltage adjustments

We replaced the Spellman DGM30P/532 Image Tube Power Supply in a 2013 Siemens Siremobil Compact-L, and now we need to adjust the Focus (G1, G2), Size (G3), and Plate Voltages. It appears that this requires a software GUI. Does anybody have the software (and instructions) ?

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Fri Jul 02 2021Reply from Tomelgy
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Just to be clear, your saying this new Spellman II power supply does not have any dip switchs or pot adjustments?

Siemens did change the II power supply model where the adjustment voltages remained the same but the voltage ratios to be adjusted changed & therefore you had to make corrections based upon the original II test certificate voltages hen compared to the new II power supply adjustment ratios.


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Fri Jul 02 2021Reply from outinleft
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Yes, it has a D15 connector for adjusting G1, 2, 3 using a software GUI. The plate voltage is adjusted using a pot. on the IIPS. Only 3 wires connect the IIPS to the c-arm (power, ground, and Mag) so you disconnect the D15 connector (under the camera cover) to attach to the IIPS, and make adjustments there.

Wayne Horsman
Columbia Imaging
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