Fri Jul 30 2021

ATS failure

Hi there! So, I have a trouble with my ATS 750. When I try to use it (plugged) there's no function at all -not the display, neither the pressure- but a little gasp-like sound. When doing the maintainance test, the second one -Cr14- I have no volts reading. Have anyone else had a trouble like this, or any guess to get te solution?

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Sun Aug 01 2021Reply from Ohmeda

Friend: 1- check if there is battery voltage 2-Do a test only with battery, see if it is inflating and deflating. 3 Pay attention to the parameters. if the battery doesn't work and the source, directly from the network, you have a bad contact on the board

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Tue Aug 03 2021Reply from Carlos David
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Thanks Ohmeda!

I have check that, yet the problem remains. I have tested the voltage (DC and AC) in the circuit and seems to be a failure near the PTSD-1016 M9932 component (a lkttle black box stated as "T1" at the service manual) yet I haven't found any alike on internet

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