Wed Oct 13 2021

1488 won't white balance and goes dark after 3 minutes

We have two stryker 1488 cameras that won't white balance and that go dark after 3 minutes. Is there a way to reset the system. Might there be another setting that needs resetting?

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Wed Oct 13 2021Reply from EvgenyP
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It seems like something overheats inside your consoles or the heads. I would start with troubleshooting the issues with airflowing the units. Try also quick cross connecting the hot head or console with the other cold ones. That might give you an idea of what is out of order either the Head or the Console.

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Thu Oct 14 2021Reply from Periwinkle


The problem seems to be with the console , one of the internal board/card problem. The exact problem can be assessed over a Zoom call and I will be glad to help by providing instructions over a video call.




Dr Periwinkle Kaur CMgr
Managing Partner, Dcads International

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Thu Oct 14 2021Reply from Jahrapha
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That would be great.  We can go offline at

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