Sat Feb 05 2022

75 evo emits electrical charged odour.

Nothing is melting but it emits a kind of ozone or electrical discharge smell is the best i can explain. Whether it is plugged in or not it still does it. Any ideas out there...??

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Sun Feb 06 2022Reply from Chris-CBET
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Cleaning solutions being used may have seeped in and are causing corrosion to pcbs. Inspect the wiring and control boards. Look for signs of liquid damage/corrosion. If the room its in is humid that would also cause the problem

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Mon Feb 07 2022Reply from Rix
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Most likely the motor capacitors for the lift motor inside the base.  There are typically two of them, one above the other. When they degrade, the overheat and emit a foul "electronic" odor. When you remove the front panel, you may see oil leakage or hear sizzling if operating the base up or down.

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