Wed Apr 06 2022

Double Scan Area

I have a Sonoace x8. It suddenly stop displaying on my external TV and I shut the machine down, restart and then the machine stop displaying too. So I opened it to service it, still same then I did again, removed the VGA card, clean it up and bring it back on. It came on very normal but when ever I try to scan with any probe, I see down scan area. Like seeing 2 kidney instead of one.

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Tue Apr 12 2022Reply from


1. Try to clean all contacts on all boards and connections.

2. If not help, try to change videocard to another (same model)

3. Reinstall sw

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Tue Apr 12 2022Reply from Microlam
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I have serviced it completely, 


I tried another video card though not same type.. this one has HDMI.


I also have the 3 CD but am sure it's not a software issue.


So maybe I will look for same model of card then.



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