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I'm having problems with the plate getting stuck when is processing. We have changed our cassette twice and still same result, it seems it only does it sometimes and only with the 14X17 cassettes, no problems with the 10X12cassettes. what can be the possible cause of the 17x14 plate getting jammed or stocked? Kindly give the possible reason to Thanks.

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Mon May 16 2022Reply from AgfaDoog

Check the rollers, if they are in bad shape, it will get stuck

As the 14x17 is the heaviest, check the tray, sometimes the cassette tray has some minor damage (like rubber feet missing) and that makes it hard for the CR to pull the cassette.


Also, if your unit is too old, try holding the cassette a little upright while processing. Believe or not, it helps, sadly the design of the CR30 (non-dicom) has that drawback overtime.

As for the CR30 (dicom) models, is rare but not impossible that happens.

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