Thu Jun 23 2022

Mechanical Stop LED Turns on when arming

I am having trouble with the MS LED turning on as soon as I arm it using multi or single. I try to inject using the switch but it delivers about 3mL then it seems like the motor gets stuck because it doesnt deliver. Then shortly afterwards i get the "stall time exceeded" message on the screen. What can I do to fix this and ensure full delivery of fluid?

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Thu Jun 23 2022Reply from Denova Medical
Denova Medical

Can you manually crank the plunger and verify that you have smooth operation. Did you manually crank the plunger to another location and tried to do an injection? 

Photios Peter Dalamagas Denova Medical Inc (704)-233-7574

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Thu Jun 23 2022Reply from EEsquivel
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I was able to click the "enable" button with the "forward" button on the injector head simultaneously to expell all of the fluid in the syringe. However, when I try to pull it back using the "enable" and "reverse", the system actually pushes the piston forward and/or says "check turret or mechanical stop". In order to fill the syringe, I have to manually do it by twisting the rotating cap at the bottom of the injector head. What could this be?

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