Fri Jun 24 2022

Kendall SCD 700 show error E6

Hi all, anyone know how to fix when SCD 700 show error code E6. Thanks

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Fri Jun 24 2022Reply from Chris S
Chris S

The service manual is available here.  It indicates a software error of some kind,"Upon startup, and periodically during operation the microprocessor performs diagnostic tests. If a software error is detected, this alarm will be triggered"

 My first thought would be CPU board, but that is just a guess.

Official MedWrench Guru
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Sat Jun 25 2022Reply from Elijah0900
avatar placemark

I was having trouble getting access to many pages and every time there was this error of E6 showing up. The above-mentioned manual really helped me to go through the mc rockers patches configurations. My CPU works so effectively now!

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