Thu Dec 01 2022

home position

I have a 9800 that will not line up to the home position after reboot. I can place a screw driver on the II and take a picture and the tip of the screw driver will be at the 2 oclock position instead of the 12 o clock position on the monitor (the screw driver is aligned to the mark on the side of the II). * The home position is set in the work station. * I have looked at the camera and do not see any loose gears or stripped gears. * I have calibrated the camera stops (CW rotation =801, CDW rotation = 3). * I reseated the connectors at the camera. * The camera can rotate CW and CCW without issues. I have read and read and cannot find a procedure to calibrate the home position and assume it would be an electronic value between the CW and CCW cal points. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

Equipment: GE Healthcare - OEC 9800

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