Thu Dec 08 2022

not locking in settings

I have one that won't lock in settings. trying to set interp: from no to yes. hit done but won't lock in. software version 1.21.00

Equipment: Mortara - ELI 230

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Fri Dec 09 2022Reply from T-Lobato

You're following this process?


Setting Date and Time

1. Select MORE from real-time ECG view.

2. Select CONFIG.

3. Select 3 Set Time/Date.

4. The preprogrammed date and time is displayed. To make changes to the date and time values (using a 24- hour clock) in the same format as displayed, use ? and ? to move back and forth through each row.

5. Use ? to select the year, month, day, hour, or minute.

6. Use +10 or -10 along with +1 or -1 to advance year, month, day, hour, or minute.

7. Select DONE to save changes.

8. Select DONE to return to the Configuration menu and DONE again to return to real-time ECG view

I did not see a reference to an internal battery but I would look on the motherboard for that and check it's voltage.


TJ Lobato | MedWrench Guru
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Sun Dec 11 2022Reply from Lionel medx
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There is no internal battery on the main pcb. Its prettry simple internally.   appears to get its power for the rechargable lead acid battery. That has been changed a few months ago. tested the battery this morning and it is fine. Load tested and I have an awesome battery tester.

Firmware versions are there newer version currently on 1.21.00

I am thinking is a pcb issue.


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Tue Dec 13 2022Reply from T-Lobato

Everything else is working though?  I would call Mortara (Hillrom) before I replaced the board.  Might save you some bucks.


TJ Lobato | MedWrench Guru
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