Sun Dec 18 2022

Tube to hot error

We seem to get this tube too hot error all the time even when we havent been abusing the scanner all day. It almost always happens when we are doing a head neck chest abd/pelvis on one patient. I have also gotten it when we are doing multiple scans of the abdomen such as a eurogram or mesentaric. Now usually the patient is in the 280lb+ range but nit always. I have been told this is a software issue but sfter 6 years there has been no fix. Does any body have idea how to fix. Right now we just lower tbe care does up the kvp and basicly make the images look bad. It seems to be certain protocols so is there a diferent way to build them?

Equipment: Phillips brilliance 128 slice

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Wed Dec 21 2022Reply from Emily Vitkovitsky
Emily Vitkovitsky

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