Thu Dec 22 2022

Items do not not completely dry

Hello. I am having a problem with the sterilizer not completely drying the items. I have checked the filters which were not clogged. The gasket was recently replaced prior to my arrival. Thank you.

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Thu Dec 22 2022Reply from jvp
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I also adjusted the dry time to 30min which did not fix the issue.

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Thu Dec 22 2022Reply from Ron Burgandy
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The only two ideas I have, 1st is the heating element even coming on during the dry cycle? If it is, there must be water still in the chamber left over from the sterilizing cycle.  You need to run a quick cycle, and soon as the dry cycle begins, (make sure no pressure is inside the chamber) open the door and inspect the heating element. See if a bunch of water is sitting under the element.
Report back.

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Fri Dec 23 2022Reply from MapleTreeBiomed

Hey JVP,

Make sure the door is opening fully (to the stop, not wide open though that would probably help) at the end of the cycle. There is a door spring on the bottom right of the door that assists opening the door at the end of the cycle. On the M11 there should be two sandwiched together. You can find them here to see what they look like.

Also, the M11 and M9 for that matter hate to be over loaded so try running a light cycle just to see if the behavior changes. Are your packs wet all over or is there a wet spot that just so happens to be directly under the over pressure valve?

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Wed Feb 01 2023Reply from Rix
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If they are pouches, be sure that they do not overlap if laid horizontally (like pancakes) and that they are PAPER SIDE DOWN!

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