Tue Dec 27 2022

can not set Dual pad, only single pad

This one I figured out, just thought I'd throw it in here for future use if anyone needs it. Turning the unit on, it's in dual mode, but has a REM alarm. If i attach a rem cable and short it, then press monitor set it goes to single and the alarm clears(as expected) but when i put each end of the REM cable into my esu's decade box and set it within allowable range, the bar graph shows 3-4 bars verifying it sees that it's in range, however the alarm won't clear. Pressing monitor set puts it back to single and I cannot set dual. I also noticed a few other buttons not working. I calibrated everything I could to no avail. Thankfully I've got a parts unit(can't be calibrated, has physical damage to the overlay) swapped the entire top half(b/c I can't remove the knobs and why waste time) and found that the overlay is in fact the cause. But now where do I find parts for this thing(mfr is EOL as of 2019). Happy holidays to you all

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