Sun Jan 08 2023

Please help agfa cr 35-x error codes 24727

Error details Please help agfa cr 35-x error codes 24727 Rason : IOBUS control module : Erasure control board safety test : problems with transformer 1. Meaning : It is no current flow detected when transformer 1 is on . -Both lamps connected to transformer 1 are blown . -No pawer supply for transformer 1 and /or connected lamps -Current sense board defective . -Current sense board cables defective . - Erasure control board defective . Cure : - Check lamps and replace . - Check power supply to erasure unit transformer 1. to erasure control board and erasure lamps and replace defective unit/board/cables. - Replace Current Sense board . - Check / replace connect / cables for current sense detection - Replace Erasure Control board.

Equipment: agfa cr 35-x error codes 24727

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