Mon Jan 09 2023

Supply Gas Check Valves

I cannot get my IRES unit to pass the Supply Gas Check Valve test, it has been a while since I last tested this unit. I vaguely remember that there was a tube you have to clamp off inside the compartment to get this to pass, can anyone confirm this and tell me which hose should be clamped.

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Tue Jan 10 2023Reply from Chris S
Chris S

I have never had to clamp lines for the check valve test.  You do have to for the relief valve test.  You may have a bad check valve.

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Tue Jan 10 2023Reply from Bill L.
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I don't recall clamping off any hoses except for troubleshooting. Main suspects would be the gas and suction switches. Try clamping off the hose to one of them and see if it passes. If it does, replace that switch. Also, check the hose ends where they go into the fittings, sometimes they get loose and leak, cut off the end and plug back in and test again. 

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Tue Jan 24 2023Reply from Choonie
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I recently had a warmer that had a leak when when testing the brown port. The medical air tank check valve needed to be replaced.

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