Mon Jan 16 2023

Insert diskette display after long disuse

Machine displaying insert diskette on the monitor after long time disuse

Equipment: Siemens - Sonoline SI-450

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Tue Jan 17 2023Reply from MapleTreeBiomed

Hi Ishaku Turaki,

I'm not an expert on these machines. But there is likely several things wrong. First the CMOS battery is likely dead. That has reset date/time and any BIOS settings. Second, the software that runs the machine has also been wiped out from some form of volatile memory. There is likely a setup disk somewhere which very well is bad by now that could be used to reload the software. I'd say don't get your hopes up but let this question stay for a while and maybe someone will come along with a copy of the software.

-Good Luck!

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Fri Jan 20 2023Reply from Jameswalker
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And the CMOS battery 3v 

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Fri Feb 03 2023Reply from Chuck T.
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Replace the bios battery and set the bios to boot from the hard drive. Bios more than likely reset to defaults after the battery died and its trying to boot from the floppy disk drive

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