Tue Jan 17 2023

Panda display needs to warm up

When the Panda is powered on the display is dark and unreadable. It takes about 5 minutes for it to warm up and become useable. Can you replace just the backlight or does the entire display need to be replaced?

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Tue Jan 17 2023Reply from AJ_Diaz
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Per the manual, you should be able to replace just the backlights, however, it doesn't give the part number for the backlights. You might have to disassemble it to see if the part number is located on the backlights themselves or call GE tech support to see if they can give you the correct part number.

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Wed Jan 18 2023Reply from Emily Vitkovitsky
Emily Vitkovitsky

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Wed Jan 18 2023Reply from MarioLM
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Hi, check your fuse (F3) it is located on the left side of the Control board near the black CFL backlight. If fuse is good you probably have a bad CFL (the black sealed block). GE does not have a part# for this and doesn't sell it either, they want to sell you the whole board for a few thousand dollars. I have ordered this part in the past from Partssource in the USA for $120 and it solved my problem. The part number use to be SE23337 called a CCFL Inverter Assy.

You may want to look into it and save lots of money.

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Thu Sep 07 2023Reply from curtis weilert
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Hi, yes we experienced the same issue. The CFL SE23337 will pull off the board easily- ours had a burn mark on the underside. I replaced it with another SE23337 from another panda and it works fine. Got a replacement on order from parts source $136. 

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