Mon Jan 23 2023

Konica Minolta Regius 110, illegal bar code

CR Konica Minolta Regius 110 HQ, everything works fine but when cassette inserted it says illegal bar code. I have cleaned bar code label on cassettes, it didn't help. Please assist.

Equipment: CR Konica Minolta Regius 110 HQ

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Mon Jan 23 2023Reply from krkenney88

Hello Albertkhamraev,

Can you confirm the cassette you're trying to use with the system?

Koby Kenney
MedWrench Guru

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Fri Jan 27 2023Reply from Albertkhamraev
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Hello Koby, I have 4 different sizes of original  Konica Minolta Regius cassettes for reguis 110 HQ. The digitizer barcode reads 8x10 size and Mammo cassettes. It does not read (shows illegal barcode) 10x12 and 14x17 sizes. I have been using mostly these 10x12 and 14x17  sizes for almost 2 years with no problem but couple of days ago it stopped accepting them. We have not changed anything on settings. Everything is same as before. We have thoroughly cleaned barcode reader and cassettes, it didn't help. Thank you for your assistance in this matter 

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Mon Jan 30 2023Reply from Albertkhamraev
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We have found the solution for Illegal barcode issue. LLB and LBP sensors need to be cleaned thoroughly.

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