Mon Jan 23 2023

System Error 38

I have an OmniBed with a system error 38. This error is because the system is getting signal that the heater doors are both open and closed. It happens as the heater is lowering and the doors are completely shut. The switches were replaced a couple of months ago and it worked fine but now the error is back. I ran continuity tests on J31 and pins 1-3 showed closed, while 2-3 showed open. However, when the error popped up, the pins 1-3 and 2-3 were both closed which is where the problem is coming from. I checked it on the switch side and didn't have an issue, it wasn't until I checked the harness side of J31 that the I found both sets of switch circuits closed. I unplugged one set of switches and got the error, and when I unplugged the other set of switches I still received the error. I believe this to be an issue with the harness, but I am wondering if there is anything else I should check before getting the part ordered for it.

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